We are about to experience the single greatest challenge to our species. There is not nearly enough time in a short film to explore all the complexities, so we decided to focus on one: the class divide. It is no secret that folks of separate classes use resources on a vastly different scale, and have vastly different prices to pay. Our film will center on two main characters: Seigan, an out-of-place elitist; and Wolf, a young kid living on the streets. When these characters collide, their class-specific experiences become the driving conflict.

The idea for this film came while researching the Voyager shuttle. For those unfamiliar, the Voyagers were probes launched into space that contained images, sounds, and music representative of the human race. They will travel forever until they are (hopefully) one day found by another life form. Carl Sagan purposefully eliminated any imagery or connotation of war, poverty, starvation, disease, etc., creating an extremely narrow portrait of the human experience.

In our film, VGR, our characters find a version of the Voyager that originated on an alien planet. Through this, they will travel into memory, experiencing music, art, freedom, and hope, highlighting missed opportunities of a healthy world.


This film will be as if the Safdie Brothers directed a musical written by Arthur C. Clarke.


A sizzle reel is a collection of archival clips, music, and sounds intended to demonstrate the aesthetic and tone of the piece.


The typical film production is notorious for being incredibly wasteful and destructive. Our crew has always been mortified at the sight of hundreds of nearly full water bottles, trays of untouched food, and props being thrown away at the end of a shoot. This approach would be completely contradictory to both the themes of VGR and our morals. This is why we have decided to make VGR an eco-conscious production.

There are no readily available guidelines on how to maintain a completely eco-conscious production, which is why we see the need to make our own. We already plan to use recycled clothing/props, zero-waste/vegan catering, and solar powered generators/chargers, yet there is still much to learn about making this feasible. Through the compilation of everything we learn, we will create a new resource for how other filmmakers can do the same with their sets; leaving behind the wasteful habits of the traditional Hollywood production.