(in preproduction)

Directors - Raine Roberts & Veronica Mendoza

Producers - Raine Roberts & Jack Dorfman

Director of Photography - Erin Neitzel

Film Processing - Kristen Williams

Amidst the infinite waves of news regarding sexual harassment, assault, and violence there is little to no coverage and knowledge on the various coping mechanisms and healing processes. This documentary explores the ways in which survivors have healed/are healing, grown/are growing, and become empowered/are empowering themselves in hopes to provide and educational and informational reference to those who feel isolated in their struggles.

In addition to the interviews, the feature-length documentary of Embodied will incorporate a filmic style with animation to assist in the emotional appeal of the individuals’ healing processes. This current version of Embodied holds the emotional direction of the documentary arch, but does not hold the depth and variety we wish to incorporate.   


The Bombers

(in preproduction)

Director - Anders Minor

Producers - Anders Minor, Jack Dorfman, & Bruce Tetsuya

Director of Photography - Anders Minor

Editor - Jack Dorfman

My father grew up in the shadow of what would become known as the most toxic place in America, where his own dad- my grandfather- worked to help make radioactive materials central to the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Alarming rates of cancer, childhood illnesses, and livestock deformations in their sleepy agricultural community of eastern Washington were always viewed as normal. It wasn’t until years after my dad’s own battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma that a lawsuit, spurred on by the families of deceased Hanford workers, revealed that the Department of Energy was not only fully aware of the dangerous amounts of radiation being released into the local community, but was also complicit in intentional releases of radiation that poisoned thousands of Americans and countless livestock. Upon this revelation, the Department of Energy led a scorched-earth campaign against the Downwinder plaintiffs- a nickname coined for those poisoned by Hanford’s radiation- and my father and thousands of others were denied compensation or even any public acknowledgement of the irreversible harm done to them. The Bombers, using a combination of archival, interview, and experimental 16mm footage, examines the Hanford site and its remnants today; the ballooning cost of cleanup, new allegations of mismanagement and safety violations, and the scars it left behind on those who used to call it home.


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